Are you ready to unlock the power of your wisdom
and transform it into a profitable business venture?

During this 3-day virtual masterclass you'll discover,
the SIMPLE Method, for building a lifestyle business,
tailored to midlife women who seek to become independently wealthy.

Join: Your Wisdom is Your Wealth Masterclass

and harness the SIMPLE Method to make a meaningful difference,
and turn your wisdom into wealth

Dates & Times...

20th, 21st & 22nd June

9:00 AM, Mountain Daylight (MDT)
11:00 AM, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
8:00 AM, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
4:00 PM, British Summer Time (BST)

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Introducing Yvonne...

Your Empowering Guide to Unleashing Your Wisdom and Creating Wealth

I am Yvonne, a 65-year-old woman dedicated to helping women harness their wisdom, create financial independence, and live life on their own terms.

With an extensive background in leadership, strategy, and team-building, I am passionate about empowering women to share their wisdom, have a meaningful impact, and build successful businesses that bring them wealth and freedom.

In the face of personal hardships, including cancer and the loss of my sister, I made a promise to myself to stop waiting for the right time and embrace what I knew I needed to do. Life is unpredictable, and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

As your guide, I bring the weight of my experiences and the lessons learned from overcoming these challenges. Together, we will navigate the challenges, embrace your unique expertise, and ignite the path to independent wealth.

Here's what to expect from the 3-day virtual event:

Day One:

Sustainable Strategy

I'll reveal the foundational pillars of midlife success in business, and explore the sustainable strategies that will help you show up as a leader every day, without compromising your well-being.

● Your morning routine … is yours predictable, repeatable, and energy enhancing? If not, I’ll be sharing three things you can do each morning to set your intention so you enjoy vitality each day.


Next, I'll show you how to dig out your wisdom and define it, and present you with a powerful equation for combining your experience and expertise to create a profound impact in your clients' lives.

● Wisdom is an equation: Expertise + Experience = Wisdom
● I’ll take you through an important exercise on how you can define your wisdom in each decade of your life.


From there, I'll guide you through the process of identifying and attracting ideal clients online, in a way that feels authentic and aligns with your values.

● This too is an equation. I’ll walk you through the steps of identifying who you serve. That will enable you to ensure your social posts draw the right clients to you with ease.

Day Two:


We'll begin the session by packaging your wisdom and experience into compelling offers, that showcase your distinctive value in a way that captivates your ideal clients.

● We ‘begin with the end in mind’ when we develop your distinctive value so your ideal clients practically ‘beg’ you to take their money for your program.

Low Tech

After that, I'll present TWO low-tech solutions that allow you to share your wisdom and build your audience in a way that sets you apart. WITHOUT the tech overwhelm.

● This exercise will demonstrate to you that simplicity is very important and reduces tech overwhelm when starting your posts.

Day Three:

Ethical Selling

This final day of the masterclass is dedicated to selling your consulting services with integrity and authenticity. We'll explore the powerful combination of stealth selling and active listening, as a means to deepening connection and trust with potential clients, and enjoyably closing more sales.

● Do you enjoy chatting with people? If so, then you’ll love stealth selling.
● Listening to others tell you their challenge while you keep asking questions helps you walk your new potential client ‘across the bridge’ to your solution and value proposition.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal wealth and impact?

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to kickstart your successful business in midlife.

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The masterclass will be held virtually, allowing you to
participate from the comfort of your own home.

20th, 21st & 22nd June

9:00 AM, Mountain Daylight (MDT)
11:00 AM, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
8:00 AM, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
4:00 PM, British Summer Time (BST)

Mark your calendar and don't miss this midlife-changing event.

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