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Our program helps you solve three key challenges of the final decades of your life:

  • Lack of ongoing financial independence and freedom through the remaining decades of your life.
  • Better and deeper relationships
  • Focus on wellness each day

We do that in the following way:

  • Build a consulting business by using your experience and expertise to illuminate and share your wisdom with your ideal client
  • Develop a relationship map and create a series of paths to deepen and expand those
  • Implement a wellness routine you will follow each day

Once inside the Wise Woman Academy and in the Illuminate Your Wisdom to Build The Life You Want programme, here’s how it works:

  • The program is 10 weeks
  • You meet one on one with Yvonne Bridges for one hour every other week to review your progress and provide guidance
  • You will receive videos and worksheets to move you forward each week

My commitment to you …

Your success matters to me so I will work with you so you create a roadmap you can follow to move forward and get what you seek in our 10 weeks together

Your commitment to yourself …

You are choosing to do the work to move yourself toward the life you seek and we will celebrate each step you take


Click the button below to make an appointment to discuss how you can become
Confident, Comfortable and Compensated
in sharing your wisdom as a consultant or coach as you transition from your current job or because you’re ready to make this happen now.

"You asked me what I'm grateful for, and there are so many things but I am very grateful for you! For the friendship, the guidance, the mentoring, the care and the listening over many years that I have been blessed to know you. You have such a special place in mine and my family’s life.”
Michelle Robson
Divisional Director HR - AEMA at Golder

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As a mid-life woman you may, like me, at times, wonder – Am I relevant?

How do you get to a place where you really do feel relevant?
I’d like to share with you this free workbook to give you a process that moves you toward your personal relevance. It can be used over and over again. And, you will find yourself feeling relevant as you use the steps.
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