Are you a 'midlife' woman who knows you have MORE to give!

If you’re a woman in your midlife years we share a special bond.

We’ve seen the ups and downs of life. We’ve been through tough times and celebrated victories. All these experiences have made us wiser and stronger.

Some people think midlife is a time to slow down. They think it’s time for us to step aside and let the next generation lead. But, I don’t agree with this at all.

Midlife isn’t a time for us to slink into the shadows.

Our life stories are still being written.

I think of midlife as an intersection: it’s where all of our combined wisdom and experience connects with new opportunities for impact and fulfillment.

It’s a time to shine even brighter and share our valuable experiences, because the world needs our insights and perspectives, now more than ever.

So, I’m inviting you on an exciting journey – a journey where you’ll have more impact and enjoy more personal success.

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Are there days when you...

But What might "more to offer" even look like?

Your Experience Is Your Treasure: Can You Picture It?
Imagine & Picture This...

This is the future you want - it's possible, and it's ready for you.

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If you're needing more clarity, read on to see what we have in store.

But the path to your dream-come-true seems hazy

Your doubts and fears cast long shadows on your dreams:

"You're trying to reach unreachable stars".
"You're out of your league in this alien world".
"You should go back to your familiar little world

...where it's safe"

Have you considered taking a road less traveled?

I'd like to propose a different path

This is your chance to invest in yourself, your wisdom and your future.
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Need a few more minutes to ponder?
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How can you tell if Wisdom to Wealth is right for you?

Joining Wisdom to Wealth might be a big step for you.

Let's weigh it against some of the other options you might be considering...

Flying Solo

You might think doing it all yourself will save you money, but the hidden costs are huge! You'll spend precious time learning and trying out strategies that may not work. As you wrestle with confusing tech, you'll experience stress and the flood of doubt can leave you feeling lonely. You might save a few dollars, but that's a high emotional price to pay.

Business School

Formal education costs a pretty penny – between $20,000 and $100,00 – and takes years to finish. Business schools use traditional models that don't place any value on your experiences, and what they teach may not fit with your values, beliefs and perspectives. Waiting years before you see any return on investment can also be frustrating.

Hiring a Business Coach

While a personal coach or consultant provides one-on-one support, they don't come cheap. You could easily pay more than $10,000 for a few months. Most coaches enforce mainstream strategies that can be broadly applied to all of their clients – who may not be anything like you. Coaches who specialize in lifestyle businesses for midlife women are rare.

Buying a Consulting or Coaching Franchise

The hands-on training and ready-made systems offered by franchises make them attractive. A notable franchise costs upwards of $50,000, and won't be allowed to adapt their "cookie-cutter" models methods to align with your unique wisdom, values and experiences. You're likely to feel boxed in by franchise rules and limited your creativity and personal touch.

When you're thinking about

remember what other choices might cost you. It's not just about money, but also your time, stress, and the chance to fully express yourself and be happy.

I kept all this in mind when creating Wisdom to Wealth. I worked hard to build a program that wouldn't cost you too much, celebrates you and your special wisdom, and guides you to be happy and financially successful.

If Wisdom to Wealth is the right fit for you, then let's embark on this journey together.
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Why Wait? Your Time is Now

May I be real with you, friend?
If you don't take action, things won't magically get better.

And remember: our tomorrows are not guaranteed.

Your Wisdom is Needed: Let's Begin Your Journey to Wealth Today

There are people out there who need the wisdom you've gathered in your life.

Let's turn your wisdom into wealth...
not tomorrow, not someday, but today –
because you and your wisdom and the word that needs it, cannot wait any longer.

No more waiting, no more hesitating.
Your wisdom is too valuable to keep to yourself.

The program is built upon three essential pillars:

Identifying Your Unique Wisdom:

We'll delve into your life journey and experiences to unearth the unique wisdom that only you possess.

Packaging Your Wisdom:

We'll explore the best ways to package your wisdom into a marketable product or service.

Sharing Your Wisdom:

We'll devise a powerful strategy to connect you with the people who need and will value your wisdom.

We will spend 12 weeks together and in addition to the core curriculum, the programme includes

But wait! that's not all!

The first 5 women to join the programme will also receive the following:

Bonus 1

Social media review session

with Laura Mzhickteno. Laura will do a social media review and make suggestions to improve and focus your messaging on social media.

Bonus 2

A Branding Identity Session

with Nicola Liggins, helping you identify your colors and brand identify and creating 3 images you can use across your social media platforms.

Bonus 3

90 Minutes One to One with Yvonne

You can use this time to ask me anything you wish or practice your sales script. You can use the 90 minutes during the programme or after it is complete.

Start your

journey today!

Ready to jump right in?

This is now your time to...


The first 5 beautiful souls to join will receive the 'special' added bonuses - Grab them now!

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US $ 4957

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US $ 1745 / per Month x 3

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