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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Have you ever read the book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith?

If you haven’t, it’s well worth a read. Goldsmith articulates 20 behaviours which humans exhibit and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. He further articulates he’s never coached or worked with anyone who didn’t exhibit some of the behaviours.

I could share them all; however, there’s one that’s specific and germaine to the topic I’d like to share in this newsletter.  Behaviour 13 is “clinging to the past”.

You may ask why I feel the need to sit with this on Tuesday, March 1st. Well, here are some things to consider if you’re a woman over 50.

In my conversations with women, a similar theme arises – she is unhappy or frustrated or perhaps even angry or forlorn. It’s important to experience whichever emotion shows up for you.  

Fundamentally though, often these women cling to an inaccurate version of the past. 

   -They may yearn for a role they did not apply for in their 40s. 

   -They may hold a desire to be needed by their children.   

   -They may believe others no longer see them now that their hair is grey or they’ve got a few wrinkles.


By making the choice to cling to the past, women over 50 find themselves yearning for a time that will not happen again in their lives. 

There is another choice. There is a choice to excavate your past, define when you felt relevant, and determine what about those circumstances made you feel relevant.

When you’ve done those three things, you’ve got the beginning of a framework for yourself to begin to see a different way of approaching where you are in your life right now.

I could write and write about this; yet, I’m choosing instead to ask you to sit with these questions:  

—>What are you clinging to that is in the past?

—>How is that serving you?

—>Who do you want to be now?

—>Why is that important to you?


Enjoy the first day of this month … spring is coming!

Love always, 



PS – I will have amazing news for you in the next couple of days so watch this space for the update!


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