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Yvonne Bridges

helping mid-life women find their relevance.
Coach, Author, Facilitator.

It's never too late to step into your power!

You've got runway left in your life.

The challenge is, women experience ageism differently.

If you’ve experienced or struggled with:

Empty nest syndrome
Caring for elder parents/relatives
Being sidelined/marginalized at work
Losing your job and struggling to find the next one
 Allowing an illness to define you
 Finding your purpose and living your dream life
 Worrying about your financial future
Feeling as though you may be or are part of a silver split

Then, working with me will help you shift into a relevant powerful woman who knows, without
a doubt, she has runway left in her life.

Here we build our community of one million mid-life women.

We uplift each other, we celebrate our successes together, and we ALL are relevant.

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You Are Relevant

Facing mid-life can be daunting for anyone – especially so for women. When you decide who you want to be, take aligned action with who want to become, you will have, own and live in your personal power.

Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for coming to visit my website – especially if you’re a mid-life woman. I hope you will think of this site as a digital home filled with inspiring thoughts and actions and opportunities for you.

Throughout my years as a consultant and facilitator, I’ve come to recognize the questions and uncertainties that loom larger once we reach a certain age…

Who am I really?

Why am I here?

Why do I matter?

And most importantly, now what?

These worries are a result of living in a society that treats aging women differently. While men are often expected to continually grow in wisdom,insight, and wealth, women become increasingly overlooked.

It’s time to say, NO MORE. We have runway left to live.

We have contributions left to make.

Wealth left to build.

And potential to fulfill.

Together, we can change the narrative. Because once we find our relevance for ourselves and stand in our strength, power, and experience, it becomes impossible for the world to ignore our brilliance. 

My journey to own my relevance has had its share of ups and downs. Through the turbulence, I came to understand there was a path, much like a road map, which can be used consistently and repetitively, to find relevance. 

You can do this too. You can invite your friends and sisters and daughters and loved ones.

 We can all rise together. 

We can continue to feel relevant. 

And we can step into our power. 

Take a bit of time to explore and join me on a mission to reach even more women. Because You ARE Relevant!

Yvonne Bridges

Coach, Facilitator, Author.

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As a mid-life woman you may, like me, at times, wonder – Am I relevant?

How do you get to a place where you really do feel relevant?
I’d like to share with you this free workbook to give you a process that moves you toward your personal relevance. It can be used over and over again. And, you will find yourself feeling relevant as you use the steps.
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